GI Earthing Electrode

GI Earthing Electrode

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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of GI Earthing Electrode for various earthing and grounding purposes. This gel induced electrode is manufactured from customized I.S.I tube to ensure highest conductivity rate and prolonged service life. It is designed to provide multifaceted pro-active earthing protection strategy from domestic to commercial areas. GI Earthing Electrode is filled with the crystalline mixture that surrounds the main earth electrode and provides protection in the soil. It ensures the safety of human life, appliances, machines, pieces of equipment and much more.





  • High conductivity

  • Excellent performance

  • Longer functional life









Model Electrode Length in mm Electrode Diameter in mm (Outer Pipe) Electrode Diameter in mm (Inner Pipe) Terminal Size (LxW) in mm Conductive Minerals Filled
SG250 2000 50 25 32x10 YES
SG350 3000 50 25 32x10 YES
SG280 2000 80 50 50x10 YES
SG380 3000 80 50 50x10 YES